Saturday, May 16, 2009

May 16, 2009

I'm sorry for my long absence. I had a very busy week. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I had meetings at a company called Prima ADD Corp, here in Dallas. They are an ADD specializing theapy group. Tuesday, I had a counseling session, and Thursday, I had a meds clinic. By the time I got home from these various bus rides, I was too tired to write anything. *L*

But I will get back to the business of writing this week.

I started a new website to promote my writing, but I'm not going to share the address just yet. First off, it's not near ready for public perusal. *L* Second, I don't have any writing to promote, as of yet. :)


I'm off now, as it's nearly supper-time, here at the Lewis household, and I will be needed to help set it up. ;) What'd they do while I was in Pennsylvania? ;)

I'll send out another blog tomorrow.

Until then, my friends, take care!