Thursday, January 19, 2012

Book Review: They Hunger by Scott Nicholson

In the rugged wilderness of the Appalachian Mountains, the treacherous Unegama River holds than its share of mortal dangers. But something deadlier than any force of nature is about to be awakened. Something both unnatural and immortal. Driven from their ancient hunting grounds, they have dwelt in their cave for hundreds of years… hiding, waiting – and hungering. Now, a group of whitewater rafter has made the mistake of passing through their hunting grounds, and for these awakened creatures of the night, their thirst for blood is about to be unleashed. (Book description from the back cover)

This is the first of many books by Scott that I hope to read. This was one of the creepiest vampire books I have ever read, and that is saying a lot, as I have been reading vampire books since I was in the first grade.

The way he describes the events makes you feel as if you were there, not just an observer. You feel for the characters, both the bad and the good.

There are a few technical errors, which I could not get past, however. Mostly to do with the firearms involved in the book. However, they were not enough to keep me from thoroughly enjoying the story.

If you like vampires, and I know you do, you should certainly read this book.