Saturday, May 9, 2009


Here it is Saturday!

What am I going to write about today? Who know? *LOL*

It's hot and muggy outside right now, and not much cooler inside, definitely not less muggy.The AC is on and so is the fan. Not helping much though.

Here are some ideas I came up with for my book. Tell me what y'all think, okay? :)

Here's what I've got for an opening:

I was out side smoking a cigarette, as I normally do since I am no longer allowed to smoke in my house. I was looking up at the nearly full moon, and thinking to myself that someone was being murdered right now. Then my cell phone rang.

“This is Chambers.”

“Mike, you dressed?” It was Patti, my partner.

“Yeah, why?”

““We got a call, a DB found at 1098 S. Crescent Rd.”

“On my way.” No, I know what your thinking, I'm not psychic. I'm a homicide detective, and I just know that someone is getting murdered, the night before my day off.

And here are some character notes, for both Mike Chambers and the as of yet, unnamed killer:


Private Investigator or Criminal Investigator?
Severe ADD (A, B, or C?)
What comorbid?
Criminal Investigations?


Female serial killer
Kills men, after she rapes them anally with a strap-on
Hates men and fears them
Sexually abused as a child (father? uncle? brother?)
Sexy looking
Rich, social family
Goes after men who reminds her of her tormentor
Police think the killer is a gay male


  1. Hates, fears and rapes men? Interesting to say the least. Maybe she should have a split personality whereas she doesn't even recall doing it?

  2. That's one possibility I never even thought about, THANKS! :)