Monday, May 25, 2009


Hey there! Long time, no see! :) Sorry it has been a while, but I've been fairly busy, and I had a few episodes of really deep depression, where I didn't really want to write anything. I did, however, get my autobiography turned in, even though it was not finished, but the social worker who requested it, needed it so she could get my case going. I have been working on it more, and plan to work even more. *L*

I still haven't really got started on my nevel, beyond what I've posted.


I need to get up early tomorrow morning because I have an early appointment. I'm actually thinking os asking my DARS case worker, if I can change theapists, to the lady who was facilitating the groups I went to a couple of weeks ago. She has more experience with ADD.

Well, I'll try to come back tomorrow.

Y'all take care! :)

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